Down to the Bone

Down to the Bone

From Manhattan to Staten

nu Groove

From Manhattan to Staten is a full-on NYC acid jazz project that comes off smooth like whipped cream and a bowl of maraschino cherries. So groovy to the core that I just want to feed my head s’more. I listen to the bass buckle while the piano does a little shuffle. Word.

Even the more tradtional approach (i.e. horns) works. FMTS also contains the title song to the film Carlito’s Way, a bottom end mover with brass accompaniments and xylophone. Of the nine others tracks, “Brooklyn Heights” stands out. It’s a bit heavy on the keyboard, while “Savour Ther Flavour” just thumps. Other titles include the funkier brass of “Yo Mama’s So Phat,” and the conga jam of “17 Mile Drive.” I honestly do look forward to more from DTTB and nuGroove. More vinyl for the phatheads, please.

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