One Life Crew

One Life Crew

American Justice

Too Damn Hype

This is not at all what I could possibly have expected. I’ll try to “label” One Life Crew: big white boys who want to live the gangsta rap lifestyle and play brutal, pro-American skin or straight-edge hardcore. They have the cars, clothes, and cigars of gangsta rappers, the guitars, vocals, and minds of empowerment HC skins. Musically, One Life Crew blasts out about 30 hardcore anthems, calls to arms, if you will, to the hard-working anti-racist straight-edgers out there who need leadership as we watch the world being led by wimps into the 21st century.

What most impressed me about One Life Crew was their consistent stance regarding the rugged individualist tradition that makes men great. I mean, William F. Buckley couldn’t have penned better pro-conservative songs than those on American Justice! Take for instance, “Cease Assistance”: “… crackhead lazy pig won’t get a job/ thriving on taking free money/ America: stop being so weak/ we must take welfare to war/ if pigs die, then they die/ no skin off our backs, just disposal of human waste.”

Now that is a creed for living in the Land of Opportunity if I ever heard one! Other choice tunes include “Brit Pig,” which says that the most tragic thing about Princess Diana’s death was the loss of a good Mercedes-Benz; “Pure Disgust II,” which is a hate-gram to illegal immigrants; and “In the Crosshairs,” which is about KILLING FUCKING HIPPIES!!!

Each song is introduced with shotgun blasts and “word to the muthafuckas” out there, plus they have the ‘nads to name a song “Emo Faggarios.” This could be your future. Too Damn Hype, P.O. Box 15793, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

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