The Pietasters

The Pietasters

Awesome Mix Tape #6


Well…if you must know, the new ‘Taster disc title is taken from the most hilarious portion of Boogie Nights during Dirk’s “strung out phase.” Now that the factoid is complete, let’s move right to the main course; to date, this album is one of my top picks of 1999!

When a particular genre or “sound” gets some attention, it doesn’t take long for the cookie-cutter effect to begin, and what was once unique becomes mundane — thus is the case with much of the ska/ska-punk scene lately. Enter the Pietasters, one of the earlier bands to ride ska’s renewed wave with success. On Awesome Mix , they really do just that—a refreshingly great blend of horn-driven harmony and more traditional rock-steady goodness (think Hepcat). “Crying Over You” and “Crawl Back Home” demonstrate this point nicely. “Everyday with You” adds a “South of the border ska” spice while the smooth, steady goodness of “Can’t Stand It,” featuring DJ Selah laying down the dancehall rhythms, gets your booty moving.

So, get yourself a piece of the pie… like now, man! I believe the small caption on the back of the disc says it best: “Set aside special time each day during which you devote your time to this precious record.”

Hellcat Records, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026;

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