Beautiful My Child

Six Degrees

Euphoria is high on my list of influential Six Degrees artists because of their ability to intermix live instruments and electronics. Beautiful My Child is the second full release from Euphoria, and it picks up where their self-titled release left off. Guitars, which were heavily used on their first release, are used even more frequently, more passionately, and with a wider range of styles.

It’s no wonder that many are labeling their sound as “guitronica.” Before Euphoria’s first release, I had grown very tired of guitar in music. I kept hearing the same patterns, progressions, and at times, even the solos were beginning to blend together. Beautiful My Child should be required listening for any guitarist, and frankly, I’m using it as a ruler to judge other releases which utilize the guitar. The opening track, “Sweet Rain,” is being touted as “the follow up to their instrumental hit •Delirium•,” but the title track “Beautiful My Child,” seems more in line for the association. “Sweet Rain” is still a wonderful track, as are all on the release, I just didn’t feel it was quite the “follow up.” Your mileage may vary.

“By The Sea” mixes a wonderful journey through acoustic rhythms, slide guitar, and an amazing jazz-inspired vocal. I am awestruck by its diversity and melding of genres. “Devil May Care” sets the mood as it opens with a jaw harp. As it fades out, the guitars enter in again, following a similar style until the jaw harp returns again to play a duet with the guitars.

Euphoria has instilled in me a belief that, in the right musicians’ hands, guitars can bring a level of musical intoxication previously unknown to me. Beautiful My Child only has one disappointing feature: the tracks are too short. Every song is amazing, though, and hitting repeat isn’t that big of a deal. If you play guitar, or are even thinking about learning guitar, I demand that you pick up this release for its sheer guitar brilliance. For those who aren’t as adventurous or musically inclined, you have got to hear how alive the guitars sound. I’m looking forward to hearing remixes of the album. Hopefully, Euphoria and Six Degrees are already hard at work preparing at least a CD single of remixes for us to enjoy.

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