The Apes

The Apes

The Fugue in the Fog

French Kiss

It has been a breakout year for our nobler, simian cousins. First, Raft of Dead Monkeys emerged with thoroughly decimating record. Then Gorillaz emerged from the wilds of the UK pop scene. We have also witnessed the discovery of the long rumored Planet of the Apes. Not to be left out of this trend, The Apes have emerged from the wilderness of Washington DC to bear witness to the gospel of good times and garage music. Eschewing the electric guitar, The Apes rely on a curious mixture of bass, Moog, and an organ to create a groove-laden sound. Fronted by lead singer Paul Weil, who croons and carries on like a young Iggy Pop, the band has clearly come forward to party. While the mix sounds somewhat murky at times, the songs are short and direct enough so that if you don’t like one, well, it will soon be over. Want to know what they sound like? Imagine ? and the Mysterians growing up listening to Minor Threat and New Order and then getting loaded on bad amphetamines.

French Kiss Records, 111 E. 14th, PMB 229, New York, NY 10003;,

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