• Number 46: April 2005 Edition

    Spring blooms with exciting new productions in Orlando’s vibrant Theater Scene!Carl Gauze loads up on antihistamines and reports on this season’s spores.

  • Number 45: March 2005 Edition

    More thrilling theater reviews from New Playfest, and beyond! Carl F Gauze runs down the gamut from the proto-staging to the finished polished product.

  • Number 45: Playfest 2005

    It’s time for the newest major artsy fartsy event on Orlando’s Cultural Horizon, “Playfest! 2005”. And though Carl F. Gauze isn’t thrilled about the exclamation point in the middle, the event still promises some excitng new works and world premieres from local and national writers.

  • Number 44: Fade to New Years Edition

    All the holiday cheer that’s fit to print! Er, digitize. Carl F Gauze explains.

  • Number 43: Post- and Pre-Apocalyptic Edition

    Carl F. Gauze takes one last pre-vacation dip into the Orlando theater scene and is mightily impressed by O’Neil and Sondheim productions, and endures a horrid political production that sent even seasoned critics running for the hills.

  • Number 42: Salmonella and Sunblock Edition

    Sure, it’s hot and muggy. Sure, you can’t touch the steering wheel. Sure, the women are half naked. So what’s the problem? Carl F Gauze gives you some reasons to escape the light into the cool confines of the Orlando theatre scene. If they still have power…

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