• Number 56: Big White Sale Issue

    Carl F Gauze takes shelter from Florida’s winter warmth in the cheap seats of Orlando’s independent theatres – and catches some great local productions to boot!

  • Say Goodbye to the Bad Guy

    As Saddam Hussein swung from the gallows today, Shelton Hull found that it placed a question mark, and not a period, at the end of the dictator’s grim legacy.

  • The Crisis Manager: Gerald R. Ford (1913-2006)

    Shelton Hull takes a last look at the legacy of President Gerald Ford and finds much to praise. Sadly, there is nary a pratfall in sight.

  • Black Like Them

    Shelton Hull puts on his media critic hat to review DVD documentaries on Rastafari women and the Black Panther Party, while taking in Kool Keith’s recent TRL performance all in one sitting.

  • Number 55: Year End Blow Out Issue

    It’s the best and the rest of year-end holiday theater in Central Florida reviewed from the front row. Carl F Gauze promises not to sneak out during the intermission.

  • Number 54: Pick Your Crisis and Blame Mom Issue

    Carl F Gauze finds that theater is by no means dead, in fact its alive and well, doing a Howard Hughes in community venues throughout Orlando. Slapstick, Sondheim, classics and drag queens take the stage.

  • Pictures of People, Prone.

    Digital and independent media have made the struggle between Israel and Hezbollah the most graphically detailed conflict of recent years. But, argues Shelton Hull, it is more important than ever that we not be desensitized by the flood of violent images still coming in every day.

  • Nuclear Options

    Shelton Hull sees dire consequences resulting from our Administration’s rumblings about war with Iran, both at home and abroad. Here’s the real deal.

  • Austin 3:16 Says…

    Shelton Hull faces off with former Jacksonville mayor Ed Austin, for a look at local politics past, present and future. Unfortunately there will be no beer drinkin’ nor Stone Cold Stunners.

  • Number 52: Warming up the Stage Edition

    Spring Fever strikes the Orlando Stage! Love, Death, and Lighting! Carl F Gauze gives us a glazed stare from his holiday calendar.

  • Troy Lukkarila

    False teeth, old neckies, Celine Dion stalkers. Shelton Hull finds the method behind the madness of Jacksonville musician Troy Lukkarila.

  • Ear Conditioning

    Shelton Hull falls for the swampy charms of upstart Jacksonville outfit New Southern Gothic. And it sounds like he’s not alone.

  • The Ultimate Nullifier

    Shelton Hull recaps the tragic and uncertain story of kidnapped foreign correspondent Jill Carroll, and hopes he’s not writing her obituary.

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