• Eddie, RIP

    Shelton Hull says goodbye to one of the greats of professional wrestling.

  • Number 50: 2005 / 2006 Annual Transition Edition

    Carl F Gauze and Orlando celebrate the Christmas Carol Season, and drag themselves into the new year, bruised but not broken.

  • Three Wise Men

    Shelton Hull eagerly devours reissues of lesser-known work by the jazz titans Coltrane, Ellington, and Mingus. What’s left to do then but riff, baby, riff!

  • Number 49: 2005 Fall Colors Edition

    The fall theater season opens with a bang in Orlando.

  • The Guns Of August

    Is Dick Cheney out of his freaking mind? Are we out of our freaking minds to stand by and watch Iraq Part II unfold? Bing Futch knows the answers.

  • Six Brief Australias

    We’ll be catching up with this man’s talent for decades. Jason Nelson sends along six evocative postcards from Australia.

  • When Circuits Learned to Sing

    Ever wonder where those electronic squiggles in old Science Fiction films came from? Ever wonder about the first bands to abandon guitars for electronic instruments? Two new films from Plexfilm show you how Robert Moog taught circuits to sing and how British pop bands put those sounds on the pop charts. Bob Pomeroy sings the body electric.

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