• Eros + Massacre

    Eros + Massacre

    A three hour art film about unconventional relations in 1920’s Japan offers wonderful visuals providing you have the patience to endure the story.

  • Heroic Purgatory

    Heroic Purgatory

    A confusing and idiosyncratic movie about a communist cell in 1950’s Japan and where they ended up in 1970.

  • Monster Hunt

    Monster Hunt

    Gender reversal and icky-cute CGI monsters make this a kid’s film adults will enjoy.

  • The Zodiac Killer

    The Zodiac Killer

    Filmed to capitalize on the then-current Zodiac Killer stalking San Francisco, Tom Hanson’s low budget film was first on the scene.

  • The Story of Sin

    The Story of Sin

    A pious young Polish girl falls from grace and becomes the most potent sex symbol of Gilded Age France.

  • Starlight


    A struggling circus in rural England suffers through emotional turmoil, jealousy and attempted murder in this gorgeous art film.

  • Ludwig


    They said he was mad, they said he was incapable of running a country, they say he was obsessed with irrelevant details, but Ludwig the Second died young and left a good looking corpse.

  • The Burningmoore Deaths

    The Burningmoore Deaths

    Former Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate stars as a father-turned-murderer who wreaks havoc on the crew of a home improvement show in an interesting mash-up of faux documentary and found footage horror movie.

  • Dave Made a Maze

    Dave Made a Maze

    Dave built a trans-dimensional maze out of discarded cardboard boxes in his living room.

  • Circus Kid

    Circus Kid

    Living in the circus ring is hard enough, but when your dad is your coach and clowning partner, the emotional pratfalls devastate.

  • Property Is No Longer a Theft

    Property Is No Longer a Theft

    An uptight accountant survives a bank robbery and goes on to lead his own one man re-distribution of wealth in post war Italy.

  • The Creeping Garden

    The Creeping Garden

    This is the most comprehensive look at slime molds you’ll ever see. It’s also the most oddly fascinating science doc you will ever see. Do not miss this!

  • Cinema Paridiso

    Cinema Paridiso

    We follow a young boy as he falls in love with film, is deserted by a woman, and returns to his first and only love: the cinema.

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