• Heroic Purgatory

    Heroic Purgatory

    A confusing and idiosyncratic movie about a communist cell in 1950’s Japan and where they ended up in 1970.

  • Monster Hunt

    Monster Hunt

    Gender reversal and icky-cute CGI monsters make this a kid’s film adults will enjoy.

  • The Zodiac Killer

    The Zodiac Killer

    Filmed to capitalize on the then-current Zodiac Killer stalking San Francisco, Tom Hanson’s low budget film was first on the scene.

  • The Story of Sin

    The Story of Sin

    A pious young Polish girl falls from grace and becomes the most potent sex symbol of Gilded Age France.

  • Starlight


    A struggling circus in rural England suffers through emotional turmoil, jealousy and attempted murder in this gorgeous art film.

  • Ludwig


    They said he was mad, they said he was incapable of running a country, they say he was obsessed with irrelevant details, but Ludwig the Second died young and left a good looking corpse.

  • My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

    My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

    An animated high school washes into the sea. Can the school newspaper nerds save the day?

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