• Top 19 Highlights of 2002

    Eric J. Iannelli looks back on a year full of the usual political and cultural ineptitude to find that there were indeed some very valuable highlights – 19 of them.

  • The Drive

    The journey to japanned begins for Gregory Schaefer, in a U-Haul to L.A., chased by the devil, and in Japan, between showers at McDonald’s.

  • Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival 2002

    Two dozen short animated films your mother would NOT want you to see? Must be the return of Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival! Carl F. Gauze takes you there.

  • The Don and Bill Show: Slightly Bent

    Carl F. Gauze turns his "sick and twisted" eye to The Don and Bill Show: Slightly Bent, a collection of animated shorts from Don Hertzfeldt and Bill Plympton.

  • Oscar Fever

    With the Academy Awards upon us, Ben Varkentine checks out the new edition of Emanuel Levy’s Oscar Fever, and lets you know whether it’s worthy of the red carpet or the golden raspberry.

  • Don’t Be Such a Shitty Director

    Not naming any names, but Chuck Bantam offers some “friendly” advice to the guy who directed The Cell. Don’t miss this one! J-Lo bashing aplenty!

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