• The Legend of the Seagullmen

    The Legend of the Seagullmen

    Pad Thai, Richard Pryor, a metal madman, and masked musicians: The Legend of the Seagullmen invaded Cocoa Beach. Ian Koss makes sense of it all.

  • Too Fast For Love Tour

    Too Fast For Love Tour

    Ian Koss has seen the future of boy bands, and boy, does it have one #&@% of a potty mouth. Skip the bar, and settle in for the latest batch of music to piss off your parents.

  • Mathematicians in Love

    Mathematicians in Love

    Recreational conotoxins, multi-dimensional manifolds and hard rawk — what the? Rudy Rucker must have a book out, and Ian Koss enjoys it.

  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story

    It’s Kind of a Funny Story

    Except it’s really not. Ian Koss catches himself enjoying this novel of teenage depression in the Big Apple.

  • Deliciously Italian

    Deliciously Italian

    Rock demi-urge Stehen Moramarco and his dad have put together a book describing a hundred and one ways you can sate your craving for Italian food. Ian Koss reports from the kitchen.

  • The Pentagram Papers

    The Pentagram Papers

    Ian Koss hails this collected edition of writings and ephemera by the venerable collective he dubs the “Beatles of design agencies.”

  • Feeling Very Strange

    Feeling Very Strange

    Ian Koss dives headfirst into this new volume of writings in the surrealist SF subgenre known as slipstream. and makes sure to dodge the fragments of science fiction purists’ exploding heads all around him.

  • Everyone Stares

    Everyone Stares

    All good things come to an end, and bands are no exception — often, it’s a grisly, acrimonious end. Police uber-fan Ian Koss can’t tear his eyes away from drummer Stewart Copeland’s ultimate insider perspective on the rise and fall of one of the most unique bands to come out of the ’70s.

  • Cold Comfort Farm

    Cold Comfort Farm

    A classic of British parody gets a dazzling new facelift to match its yet thriving appeal, and Ian Koss happily discovers the old girl still delivers a sharp bite.

  • How To Survive A Robot Uprising

    How To Survive A Robot Uprising

    Still think the computer revolution is a bloodless one? Ha! to you, says a new survival guide for those who’ve suspected a more sinister design behind the everyday glitches of living with technology. But don’t worry. Just leave it to the well-read like Ian Koss to save your homo sapien hide when the washing machines attack.

  • The Zen of CSS Design

    The Zen of CSS Design

    You have much to learn in the ways of web design, impetuous one. Blind monk Ian Koss has only just now reached enlightenment and it’s all thanks to the CSS Zen Garden. Are you ready to embrace the true path?

  • An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil

    An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil

    Using the blog format as a literary device is an innovative gambit, and Ian Koss is suitably impressed with the results in Jim Munroe’s new novel. This also answers the question about what to do when you’re young and you’ve got a winning occult ritual/performance art piece – go on tour with indie bands!

  • Makers


    Ian Koss swoons over the new coffee-table compendium of his fave zine, Make. The DIY revolution continues! Inventors will take back the garage from crappy garage bands!

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