• Strobe

    Strobe, with Friction Farm at Club More in Clearwater, FL on July 6, 2001. Cconcert review and photos by Lee Ann Leach.

  • Personal Jesus

    Be careful of answering the phone, warns Lee Ann Leach…

  • Fuel

    Before I even get into the music on this CD, I have to comment on the packagi…

  • The Lemmings

    Well, how do you do? Follow, by Tampa Bay’s the Lemmings, has me jumpi…

  • With a Little Help From My Friends

    Lee Ann Leach is thankful for palmetto bugs, bubble machines, go-carts, and obscene phone calls, but most of all, for her friends.

  • Finger Eleven

    Finger Eleven, with Sage, at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL on September 1, 2000. Concert review and photos by Lee Ann Leach.

  • The Who

    The Who, with Unamerican, at the Ice Palace in Tampa, FL on September 26, 2000. Concert review by Lee Ann Leach.

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