• Hardcore Devo Live

    Hardcore Devo Live

    Devo’s 2014 “Hardcore Devo” tour showed them going back to the days before Energy Domes, hit singles, or hope of radio airplay; back to the days of like-minded weirdoes banging out songs in the basement.

  • DEVO: The Men Who Make the Music

    DEVO: The Men Who Make the Music

    Collection of Devo’s live performances and videos from the late ’70s and 1996.

  • The Front Man

    The Front Man

    Twenty years of hard rocking leads to a nice home in the suburbs, a stable marriage and a beautiful daughter.

  • Human League

    Human League

    Credo (Wall of Sound). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • George Michael

    George Michael

    Faith (2 CD / DVD Special Edition) (Epic Records). Review by Cark F Gauze.

  • Scream Dream

    Scream Dream

    A 1989 VHS horror flick with big hair, big boobs and some decent late New Wave music. Al Pergande wonders if this is Elvira-fodder yet.

  • Polysics


    Polysics pick up where Devo left off, only they do it a whole lot weirder.

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