• New Found Glory

    New Found Glory

    Pop Punk’s Not Dead on New Found Glory’s fall tour, but that doesn’t mean that Jen Cray is as blindly accepting of the modern day take on the genre as some.

  • Deer Tick

    Deer Tick

    Divine Providence (Partisan Records). Review by James Mann.

  • The White Wires

    The White Wires

    WWII (Dirtnap). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Off With Their Heads

    Off With Their Heads

    Encores at tiny punk rock shows?! They’re rare, but Jen Cray and a whole bunch of hungry fans dug this one.

  • Tom Casino

    Tom Casino

    After spending decades as a session musician, Bay Area blues artist Tom Casino carves his own identity in the aging genre by adding drunken wit and Ramones pop-punk to the mix.

  • Da Doo Ron Ron: The Story of Phil Spector

    Da Doo Ron Ron: The Story of Phil Spector

    A 1982 documentary on the career of Phil Spector, mastermind of the ’60s girl groups and inventor of The Wall of Sound, is re-released for our viewing pleasure?

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