with Nature Kids, Skalidays, & Skif Dank

Phat Cats, Melbourne • 9.20.97

Bughead moved from Fort Myers to Orlando about two point five years ago, hoping to immerse itself in a more productive music scene. Good move. The two founding members, Nathan Adams on guitar and Jason Powell on bass, met up with drummer Pat Jones and the band was reborn with Central Florida roots.

The guys have been playing virtually non-stop since their inception, building a sizable following in the greater Orlando area, but they are still nearly unknown on Florida’s east coast. This show could and should have awakened Melbourne music lovers to this phenomenal band, but as usual, the town had its collective head up its ass. Bughead had the bad luck of playing last, and all the kiddies, wanna-bees and ska-heads left before the set even started. Well, it’s their loss, but it proves a point. The residents of Melboring are perpetually bitching that no good bands ever come to town, but when one does come, nobody is there to see it.

The Nature Kids opened the show to an already crowded club. Their set was cut short because they had another show in Orlando and had to dash. Two ska bands followed: the Skalidays and Skif Dank. The two make a great pair and the crowd went ska crazy. In fact, the fans didn’t want to let Skif Dank leave the stage.

When Bughead started their set, there were around fifty people left, but by the third song only about ten of us were left. They did an excellent forty-five minute set, expressing their gratitude for those of us who stayed. Their unique blend of punk, ska, and funkified rock is simply fabulous. Anyone who doesn’t dance to the rhythm has been dead for at least 48 hours.

After the show I went up and shook Nathan’s hand and apologized for the local assholeness. I was truly embarrassed and ashamed for my town. I hope the band comes back, but I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t.

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