Jesus Lizard

Jesus Lizard

with Verbena and Zoom

Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando • 11.17.97

Over the last few years Jesus Lizard has been a second or third billing in some pretty big venues, including Lollapalooza, depriving the core base of fans ample opportunities to be fully exposed to the Lizard’s power. Thus, the current tour: as a headliner and at smaller clubs.

Anyone familiar with David Yow’s self-induced psychosis can imagine the multi-media “thrill” of his spit, snot, blood, sweat, and tears as he spastically worked the floor like a cross between a slimier-than-normal Vegas comedian and a fish being tossed in a Seattle seaport. Yow repeatedly demanded piggyback rides from both willing and unwilling men and women alike. His “little like Iggy” physique, drool, and slime, along with the wails and shrieks of atypical Jesus Lizard lyrics gave Yow a real contorted, neonatal look.

Jesus Lizard is still one of the tightest bands ’round, especially considering the genre they alone represent is truly self-defined. Incredible musicianship compensates in keeping the intensity level up amidst the chaotic delirium (definitely not so much audience-induced) that ensues as Yow ensnares and entangles the audience in microphone chord, in a noble effort to make his way behind the bar to serve himself and others drinks. Amazing! Screw Monday Night Football!

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