with My Friend Steve

Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando • 9.18.97

When the Beat Me Ups split up about a year or so ago, two new bands resulted. Steve Burry created My Friend Steve and Liz Larizza started Wellville. They harbored no ill feelings from the break-up; in fact, they remained good friends. This was the first time their two bands have performed together, and they packed the Sapphire.

Wellville opened the show with an amazing rendition of the Mazzy Star gem “Blue Flower.” In fact, this was a great choice, since Wellville in many ways sounds like Mazzy Star after the thorazine wears off. Anyway, the band performed a lengthy set, weaving old and new material into a fabric of dreamy, intelligent songs. My particular favorite (Liz’s too) was “Serial Killer.” It seems our lovely and delicate songstress is preoccupied with this particular type of psychopath. Go figure.

Liz has assembled a terrific band. Litton Parker is quite the guitar virtuoso, not afraid to take chances. Dave Kazyk lays down a solid bass line usually expected of a more seasoned performer. Matt Brown, recently of Heronymus, provides an intelligent drum rhythm that nicely supports and directs the music but does not overpower it. Liz herself frequently plays guitar to accompany her mystical vocals.

MFS provided a rousing set as well; they never fail to please the Sapphire crowd. Now that the band has landed a permanent drummer, the future is wide open.

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