From the Publisher

From the Publisher


Once again, we fail to properly credit Jennifer Winston for her photographs — in this case, the photos accompanying last issue’s Busy Girl column in the South Florida edition…


Another year closes, and I feel it’s once again time to thank all the people who made 1997 possible for us. First and foremost, our families and friends who put up with our disappearance into the production vortex once a month. THeir support and patience allows us all to come back the next month and do it all over again. We never seem to learn…

Every month, I rent a van and drive out to Tampa, where this magazine is printed. There’s only a few things more impressive than four-foot-high rolls of paper unwinding into the press, and fresh Ink Nineteens coming out the other end at a rate of thousands an hour. The papers are taken off the press and stacked into pallets five feet high and four foot square — about six or seven of them. It’s amazing to think that the paper has grown from a print run that would fit in the trunk of a Mustang to something of these proportions. And it’s incredible that in the space of a month, all those papers find their way into our reader’s hands. So thank you, the readers.

Of course, we also need to thank our advertisers, not only for all the obvious reasons, but because they feel what we offer for their money is a more than fair deal, and that makes us proud. Thank you, advertisers.

Finally, a special thanks to all those people who give us an extra hand, by staying late to run film, getting up early on a Sunday morning to get the papers out, or hanging outside a concert getting their hands coated in ink, handing out magazines. Thank you!

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