Sound Burger

Pork Records UK

As this CD begins, if I closed my eyes and made believe, I would swear that Zapp had come back to life and was run through a rack mount. The steady bass and computer vocal cinch it. As the CD progresses, you can look forward to precariously looped bass samples along with some seriously wicked-awesome Moog and old-school analog whooshes. This whole CD has a kind of 1970’s players feel that has been drastically reworked for the here-and-now. In the same respect, Sound Burger possesses its fair share of mellow, electro easy-listening. Not quite ambient, not quite drum-n-bass, not quite, well anything… which is good! Actually, if I had to say it sounded like anything, I would say it sounded like a Pork Records release. Pork have slowly come into their own by playing host to an impressive roster of musicians making really cool music for the ’90s and beyond. The best thing about their releases of late is that I don’t think they will sound dated in 3 years, like many current electronic releases will. Always cool, never dull and feeling very fresh, about the only thing missing from Akotcha’s Sound Burger is a bag of chips and a pickle. Highly recommended.

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