Andreu Codrescu and Mark Bingham

Andreu Codrescu and Mark Bingham

Valley of Christmas

Gert Town

There are really only a handful of templates for making a Christmas record. This follows none of them. Valley of Christmas is a strange tale, the story of Almond Joy, the boy born on Christmas Day, who doesn’t want to grow up and left his upwardly mobile parents in order to find immortality. Along his quest, he meets a strange variety of characters, including a rooster that changes into a 1965 Thunderbird and becomes AJ’s traveling companion, a cranky blue dwarf leery of television, the Giant of the Clearcut Forest, the Androgyne, the three sisters of Christmas Valley, where it’s always Christmas and therefore always Almond Joy’s birthday…

Vivid imagery and a completely unexpected approach to holiday storytelling mix in with Mark Bingham’s oddly cinematic musical landscapes and Codrescu’s neatly clipped Eastern European accent to create something unique and compelling. Definitely not your typical holiday disc, and most definitely recommended. Find this and start a new tradition… GertTown Records, 8359 Fig Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

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