Baby Mammoth

Baby Mammoth

One… Two… Freak

Pork Records UK

On Baby Mammoth’s second release, One… Two… Freak, the Babys seek to help define a very cool trend in electronic music… funky ambient electro-jazz.

Not trip hop and not acid jazz and not ambient, but firmly lodged between the three, borrowing equally from each. Sometimes you get a quick d-n-bass type beat, but it’s now being offset not by syncopated snare catches, but rather electronic flute, or real upright bass (or a close facsimile thereof).

You have Pat Metheny-style electronic guitar licks being offset by catchy drums and spacey riffs. Adjectives don’t do justice. This is just really cool music. Like most Pork releases, One Two, Freak can be described as sedate and upbeat in the same note. Highlights include the phenomenal “Additive,” “Zen Butchers,” the Kraftwerk-induced “Warm and Rising,” and “Sound In Your Mouth.” Wonderful and very cool.

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