Bambi and the Boys

Bambi and the Boys

Just Lounging Around


Blonde, buxom, boisterous and probably armed to the teeth, Bambi LaFleur and “the Boys” — three talented young men masquerading as “Buck, Billy and Bo” — carouse through twenty fun tracks of camp and comedy. Most of this is done with a slight Vegas feel, but overall the music is varied enough to keep things interesting. Bambi’s well-trained clear voice, always dead-on, also helps matterst greatly. A cover of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” is probably as “loungy” as it gets; more fun are “Double Agent DD,” where Ms. LaFleur proclaims that “My middle name is Sabotage/ my underwear is camouflage,” while the band frolicks through a mix of “Secret Agent Man” and “Love Potion No. 9” behind her. Staged skits like man-on-the-street conversations and a spelling bee keep things going when the music becomes a bit too cloying. Still, I bet that Bambi and her boys are best appreciated live. I hear the band is pretty good, too. Hot Productions, 1450 NW 159th St., Miami, FL 33169

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