Barefoot Hockey Goalie

Barefoot Hockey Goalie

Fedik’s Butcher Shop


An album like Barefoot Hockey Goalie’s self-titled debut comes along only once in a great while. I’ve never seen anyone follow up something as bizarre as that with something as equally bizarre as this. Fedik’s Butcher Shop is the strange tale of three (or four?) Estonian brothers who emigrated to this country. One becomes a butcher. Another becomes a holistic dentist. The third wants to be much, much smaller. The whole thing is presented as an operetta, in a well-arranged and creative style. Vocalist Fedik has a great, soulful voice, and the band is tight behind him as he sings about angels with shrinking powers, the superiority of Español and feeling fresh as a daisy. This is crazy, unexpected and a whole lotta fun in a very twisted way. Accretions, P.O. Box 81973, San Diego, CA 92138;

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