Blue Stingrays

Blue Stingrays



If you don’t like surf music, please die.

The Blue Stingrays are finally out of retirement with the release of Surf-n-Burn, their fourth and only album ever. For, although their music is an international passport, the band refuses to be known, even to themselves. The story from Epitone Records is that the Blue Sting Rays will not play live, will not be seen by anyone and refuse to receive anything for their time and effort. Indeed, Surf-n-Burn was recorded in a pitch-black studio, with the recording engineers all wearing blindfolds. Amazingly, the album was recorded without a hitch and the proof is this flawless collection of classic surf tunes like “Monsoon,” “Malibu Babylon” and “Stingray Stomp.” The fact that no one knows who these people are is all the better reason to grab a copy and listen to the unearthly “Land of the Unknown,” and surfers everywhere will appreciate “Surfers Life” and “Green Sea.” For those who miss the intrigue of the Iron Curtain, there’s “Russian Roulette,” “Brave New World” and a chilling surf rendition of “Goldfinger.” Anonymous surf music at its best! Epitone is a division of Epitaph Records. Call them if you want to know more. Apparently, they’re being the Brujeria of surf guitar. Good luck in locating them! Epitaph Records, 6201 Sunset Blvd., Suite 111, Hollywood, CA 90028

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