Sol 3

My last contact with Consolidated was in the early ’90s when they were a mainstay in the industrial scene. Now, some six years later, I was interested to check out their latest effort and see what they were up to. Much to my surprise, I found a wonderfully diverse album.

Consolidated has, well… consolidated a number of styles into Dropped. This type of musical reemergence can be a potential disaster for a band, so I was a bit leery if it would work effectively for Consolidated, who had a defined genre. Yet I found Dropped to be a beautiful exception. You are immersed in a collection of groove, funk, hip-hop, rock and even an outstanding bluesy track entitled “Tin Man.” All tracks are pleasantly laced with smooth vocals. The spacey jams of “One Way Out” and “Shell” almost overshadow what used to be the Consolidated “sound.” Fans of old don’t fear, because there are a few “familiar” tracks like the aptly titled “Recovered Memory” to remind you of what once was.

One element that has remained consistent throughout all Consolidated releases is their advocacy of numerous causes. From rights for animals, women, minorities, etc. to Earth First!, Consolidated weaves their message into every song. Chances are you won’t find it too preachy because the music is so well done. So, no matter what your musical trip, Dropped has at least one track that will get you going. I found it one of the few CDs that are enjoyable from start to finish. Sol 3, 45 Orchard St., Suite GFW, New York, NY 10002

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