Sacred Memories of the Future

New Earth

Three words in a nutshell… didjeridoo, didjeridoo, and even more didjeridoo. This album is all about that hunk of termite-hollowed eucalyptus stick that produces that cool drony sound. Think Deep Forest and Enigma procreating and giving birth. That’s what Sacred Memories of the Future sounds exactly like. Canned drum machine rhythms, “mystical” loops and samples, that one mid-to-late 1980s staple sample… hmm… think the beginning of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” tune and you’ll have it. Not that this CD is really bad, mind you, it just sounds all too familiar. I think the thought here was to include birds, the surf, crickets, and any other ethno-sampled sounds that could be conjured on the keyboard and out would come a unique world music, new age, ambient crossover album. While relaxing in its presentation, I can’t help but get that EPCOT syndrome of “synthetic reality” as I listen to this. I guess the aboriginal and German spoken word don’t help matters either. A few relaxing tracks, but overall, not that original. New Earth Records, P.O. Box 2368, Boulder, CO 80306

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