Danielle Gasparro

Danielle Gasparro

The World of You


I may not be a connoisseur at these things, but I know what I like. Similarly, I may not be a world-class musician, but I know chops when I hear them. Danielle Gasparro’s The World of You is a collection of more than a few jazz standards and a couple of Gasparro’s tunes, tucked towards the end.

Gasparro’s voice is dead-on and has a marvelous dynamic. The band behind her smokes through the music like — well, like smoke. Unobtrusive yet thick enough to seem almost solid, the soulful instrumentation serves Gasparro well. The mourning lyrics of “How Insensitive” are well-served, and the bold move of capping off the album with “Hit The Road Jack” is tempered by Gasparro’s avoidance of the usual bellowing histrionics.

The two original numbers here (one co-authored with Michael Leasure) show a somewhat more contemporary side of Gasparro, with the wonderful “Lucky Me” showcasing a fascinating gavotte between Gasparro and a loosely bouncing guitar. Danielle Gasparro, P.O. Box 533078, Orlando, FL 32853-3078

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