Half Fiction


After hearing Half Fiction I understand why Discount have been reluctant to play all the old favorites out live for a while. These songs blow the old ones away. Everything’s more mature, from the instrumentation to the song structures to Alison’s distinctive vocals and lyrics. Catchy, instantly classic songs that should sit well with those who like their pop-punk gritty, infectious and anthemic a la Jawbreaker, J Church and such. Oldschool Berkeley via Florida, eh? Maybe, but Discount have definitely developed enough style and talent of their own to surpass the sound-alike pigeonholes and easily stand toe to toe with any of the old west coast favorites.

Half Fiction has been one of my favorites since I got it and I don’t expect it to wear out anytime soon. An outstanding album, from the recording to the music to the booklet layout. Highly recommended. It’s $8 postpaid for the CD, but the LP ($?) has an extra track, a rad cover of Tracey Chapman’s “Talkin’ About A Revolution.” KAT Records, P.O. Box 460692, Escondido, CA 92046

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