Dubmission Two: The Remixes

Dubmission Two: The Remixes

Various Artists


The usually reliable folks at Quango have decided to give the original originators of dub a reworking by having a slew of hot remixers and artists tweak the knobs on two songs by Black Uhuru, one by Burning Spear, one by Gregory Isaacs, and one by the Tamlins. The resulting mixes from Rockers Hi-Fi, Kid Loops, Fila Brazillia, Sun Dub, Cottonbelly, and Kruder and Dorfmeister take these tracks and roll them into electro-dubby remixes that either stay true to the original song, or just go way off on some trip. Interesting as this concept is, this CD may grow tiresome upon repeated listening, because out of the ten songs listed, there are really only six. To be honest, after about 20 minutes or so they all seem to blur together. While smoking the herb, it may not make a difference, but in the real world it sounds a little monotonous. Feels like a half-baked project.

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