All Of Us Can Be Rich

Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal

MIDI machines at 200, bass beats from the gutter, shrieking anarchists and a few speed metal riffs make for one evil record. You can scare your family, make your dog run away, and piss off the neighbors with this one at top volume. The exploding beats and grinding noise of “I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of This” and “We Are Pissed” will be perfect to make those holiday guests who have overstayed their welcome head on home. The shrill vocal insanity of “Notorius 30’s” and “We Are Pissed” will make Butch look for other living arrangements too. Finally the neighbors will look back to the days of neighborhood homeboys and boomin’ audio systems cruisin’ the streets as the rapid fire sounds of “Think About” rattle their windows, and the Salt-N-Pepa sample (from “Push It”) on “Discriminate Against The Next Fashion Sucker You Meet It’s A Raver” send them over the edge. Caution: May blow out certain car audio components. Grand Royal, PO Box 26689, Los Angeles, CA 90026-0689

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