G Love & Special Sauce

G Love & Special Sauce

Yeah, It’s That Easy


The City of Brotherly Love delivers once again, with G Love’s crystalizing Yeah, It’s That Easy, an album that gathers together all those glimmers of greatness from his previous efforts and busts through with a collection of songs that both kicks back and kicks ass from end to end. The scratched intro to “I-76,” the whistled lead in “Lay Down The Law,” the crazy beat and human beatbox to the title track — Yeah, It’s That Easy lives up to its title, casually and consistently delivering what most bands are lucky to hit on once in their career. G Love shares the same relation with soul and hip hop that Hendrix did with the blues. The foundation is there, but the structure is more than you’d expect the base to hold. If you feel there’s nothing fresh under the sun, salvation is at hand…

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