Intro to Airlift / June Panic

Intro to Airlift / June Panic

Intro to Airlift / June Panic

Secretly Canadian

A review (in two parts):

Originally unimpressed with this, I tossed it aside for other booty. A month later, guilt finally brought me back. Mod as fuck? Well, I wouldn’t know anything about that, but it is energetic, and snappy, and innocent, and sounds like it was recorded in the basement with a handful of friends jumping around as they get drunk for maybe the second time in their lives. And then the instrumentals floor you in a Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet covering Unrest way… come on, they even cover the Kinks.

June Panic —

Are you kidding me? You’re like some half-brained, half-assed, lo-fi terrorist trying to humiliate yourself. Past the vocals going in and out of tune at random and the excellent arrangements of everything, what’s with the Dead Milkmen guitar solos, the Smurf backing vocals, the ridiculous falsetto, the song that sounds like the Smiths, and the infernal squackings? Could June Panic be Ween saved from sea shanty songs about cowboys? “There is a Tool” is solemn, and every time I hear it I think of REM’s “You are the Everything.” Weird. I don’t even have that album. Secretly Canadian Records, 1703 N. Maple St., Bloomington, IN 47404.

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