King Kong

King Kong

Kingdom of Kong

Drag City

Apparently bored with the disaffected brooding of Slint, Ethan Buckler decided some years ago to run off and form a band which played goofy dance music and wrote rock operas about cavemen. Was this a good decision? Did he have a choice in the matter? Whatever you think — whether you regard King Kong as some sort of savior of the dance culture promise left unfulfilled by the B-52’s and Squeeze, or whether you are moved to kill by the first funky organ note, you must, at the very least, put yourself through this entire album of King Kong to find out where you stand. You may find that Buckler’s humorous lyrics speak to you, in addition to the Barney set your 4 year old hangs with. You may found that you really do like funk, and organ solos, and Santana, and NCAA basketball anthems, and singing in monotone, and other silliness. That’s right, jackass, you might even actually like dancing the night away to King Kong. Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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