Født til Herske [Reissue]

Dark Dungeon


Slipp Sorgen Løs [Reissue]

Dark Dungeon

Født til Herske is a domestic reissue of Mortiis’ first solo album and is pretty standard Mortiis fare: two twenty-plus minute tracks, both consisting of slow, dirgeful organ and orchestral elements fitting for dungeons. Gloomy, ponderous stuff. Slipp Sorgen Løs is a domestic reissue, of the first Vond album, a Mortiis side-project, originally entitled Selvmord. It fits right in with the Mortiis catalog in that it too utilizes layers of gloomy, evolving synths, but the Vond material allows a great deal more light to penetrate through the murk. This is probably as close to a pleasant record as Mortiis is going to get. Four tracks in forty-some minutes. Dark Dungeon USA, P.O. Box 166155, Chicago, IL 60616

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