Open up a can of soda. Brand name branding like Pepsi and Coke doesn’t merit a bandaid or dissing, but Negativland have conquered the studio and the throne of smartypantedness with this anagramically titled release. Soda is bad for you. Anyhoo, Ricardo Montalban’s soothing voice is the cause of bellylaughs, up against Marion Ross and every other celebrity endorsing something; something forgettable. McLuhan devotees undoubtedly are up in arms about this message Negativland pass along with the coolness of refrigerated aluminum and all the sting of carbonation blowing out your nostrils. Recycle. Appropriatedly enough, their samples are rhythmic and beats are not dull, plus original compositions with faux seriousness are absurd but not painfully so. A fine recording (sure!), litigation (c’mon) and booty shaking all go well with Ideppiss. Seeland Records, 1920 Monument Blvd., MF-1, Concord, CA 94520

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