So Long, and Thanks for All the Shoes


The barbershop quartet punks are back! This album is a real straightforward return to the NOFX that we all know: loud, fast, and crass. Heavy Petting Zoo was, shall we say, a little bit more “rock” oriented. This new CD has 16 songs that were written and recorded “all in one take” in August, and released in November — which is quite an achievement if ya ask me.

There’s some ska songs (God no!), some slower dance numbers, and even a French cover. The layouts are the kicker: all the band members have false pics — like El Hefe is O from Fluf, cool. The ice cream color scheme is pretty, well, Neapolitan. The lyrics are the usual sarcastic trademark NOFX. Some of the better rag-on songs are “Kill the Rock Stars,” which deals with the whole “I’m cool because my music is unlistenable techno-grunge, and I hate men to boot.” As well as “It’s my job to keep punk rock elite,” you know, all those kids who are in the punk club. Oi oi oi!

I like this CD, of course. And yes, it hasn’t left my CD player since I got it!

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