Pinhead Circus

Pinhead Circus

Detailed Instructions for the Self Involved


No-frills three-chord punk in the best tradition of the old school is what you’ll find on the cleverly entitled debut from this Denver trio. These guys were probably still in diapers when the Circle Jerks and Adolescents were laying the foundation for a million copy-cat bands who would eventually rip off the Dickies and give themselves names like Green Day. Nevertheless, melodic pop-core with a DIY punk ethic sounds fresh as a daisy on these 14 fast and furious tunes that clock in at about three minutes each. Pinhead Circus mix heavy aggression with genuinely hummable, happy/sick tunes about having your heart broken (“Paper Thin”), high school memories (“Carefree Metal Daze”), and being in a punk rock band (“Petty Motivation”). Co-vocalists Scooter and Trevor’s ability to scream on key deserves note. Not listed on the sleeve, but tacked onto the end of “You’re Wrong,” is a brilliant trash and burn cover of Night Rangers’ “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.” Unsafe at any speed. BYO Records, P.O. Box 67A64, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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