Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Getz, The Worm

The Great Utopia/Flydaddy

The first I heard of Pure Joy, it was as a footnote to Flop — a band whose absence lately I now find suspicious. While not actually too recent (this was recorded in Winter 1996), it leads me to believe that perhaps things are back where they started. One-time Fastbacks drummer Rusty Willoughby now leads this trio of fuzzed-out chunk-popsters with his guitar, and though it could easily be classified as candy-noise, it would have to be some slightly eerie European candy like Mentos or gummy peaches.

With that sentence out of the way, I can summarize that I like this. Lots of Sgt. Pepper-inspired melodicism, a tender balance between the distortion and the flutes, moogs dropping in for coffee and such. Neat! Flydaddy Records, P.O. Box 545, Newport Beach, RI 02840; http://www.flydaddy.com

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