Six Going on Seven

Six Going on Seven

Self- Made Mess


Interesting emo-esque three piece, with the strong qualities of a couple Dischord bands mixed with Hot Water Music-like vocals and harmonies.

Some may sound like a strange name for a label. It was created recently by Sammy (CIV), Walter (Quicksand), and Matt Pincus (Judge), and boasts other such acts as PRY and Error Type 11.

SGOS’s lyrics are reminiscent of Jawbox’s Jay Robbin’s choppy, abstractly simple, and melodically-intense “poke and pry” style. The music is very flowing, not very many distractions, such as long breaks with offbeats and noise. For them, simplicity is the key to arranging broken glass to fit into a useful mirror, musically speaking. It has to be heard to appreciate what the hell I’m talking about…

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