Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

Five Weeks Ahead of My Time


Crash! Bang! Wail! Grind! The five-pronged attack of Sugar Shack is relentless, and this album conveys the intensity of their live show better than any previous album. The twin guitar meltdown cooked up by Kyle and Andy is like a massive cloud of shrapnel. This is balanced by Johnny’s jumpy, booming bass and the sophisticated beating inflicted on the drums by Stefanie (who also plays with Andy in Lord High Fixers). The fact that Mark’s singing can be heard above this din is enough, but he sounds good too.

My upstairs neighbors are stomping on the floor. It’s a shame I have to turn the music down. I’ll just tell you that the title cut cooks, “All Night Stand” rolls like a train, and “Chip” is a Texan euphemism. The song “Go! Space City” is about Houston, though the chorus always makes me think of Cocoa Beach. Estrus Records, P.O. Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98225

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