The Moog Cookbook

The Moog Cookbook

Ye Olde Space Bande


This is the follow-up to The Moog Cookbook’s self-titled first release, which poked fun at ’90s “alternative” megahits and became very popular among those with a musical sense of humor. This time Mecco Eno and Uli Nomi have invited ten classic rock tunes over to play.

There’s never a dull moment here, as no riff is left without the full Moog-drag regalia treatment and no oscillator is left unturned. It’s like a crossword puzzle of trademark synth lines and styles cleverly not-so-disguised.

From “Born To Be Wild” to “Rock And Roll All Night,” or “Ziggy Stardust” to “Cat Scratch Fever,” there’s fun to be found ’round every corner, twist, and turn. It might be a medley of classic synth breaks (Who, Pink Floyd, Edgar Winter) as in “Whole Lotta Love” (which includes Plant’s voice imitated by the Moog’s version of air slowly escaping from a balloon). Or it might be the 9 or 10 cross-stylings inside of “Hotel California,” or the never ending “Sweet Home Alabama.”

If you don’t like to have fun, you should run screaming from this record. Excuse me now, I have to go back to pretending I have my air-moog and space suit on while dancing and bopping around like a four-year old. And loving it.

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