The Necro Tonz

The Necro Tonz

Are You Dead Yet?

Last Beat

What won’t those wacky Texans think of next? Even their cover bands have a concept. Not that the Necro Tonz don’t sprinkle a few (four, actually) original songs throughout, but this release is long on original concept, and short on original composition. The concept is a band that plays in Kiss-style whiteface with Haloweenie-lookin’ designs, the boys in the band in funereal tuxes and the gal singer in dominatrix-lookin’ black herself.

Of course, you can’t see that by listening to the CD. Musically, the concept is a little broad, including songs about death, songs by bands that experienced a death (so the Beatles are fair game), bands that are “dead,” or bands that should be dead (Van Halen, no argument there). Stylistically, the band has created “death lounge” by playing everything in lounge style. So you get from Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Type O Negative cover reworks to some blues and pop standards. Pretty all over the map, but kinda funny too. Recorded live. Last Beat: 2819 Commerce St., Dallas TX 75226;

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