Today Is the Day

Today Is the Day

Temple of the Morning Star


Considering how many Marilyn Manson-esque, Earache and Roadrunner bands there are out there, going out of their way, claiming to be evil, the Devil must get good PR. With Today Is the Day, Satan’s shooting himself in the foot. Unlike all that candy-coated glam evil, TITD is truly frightening. Possessed with strong musical technique (“Listen to the changes, man!”) and an arsenal of disorienting and highly experimental production tricks, TITD ricochets you between the melodic and the chaotic then throws you into an abyss of mind alteration, cleansing you for indoctrination. Heavy. Heavy. Heavy. Makes the Accused look like a fuckin’ folk act. Far less compromising than anything they released on Amphetamine, Temple is the opera for those of us teetering on the brink of mental and spiritual annihilation. Just in time for the Holidaze! Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751;

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