Twisted Nixon

Twisted Nixon

In Punk We Trust


These guys are out of their minds! And that’s not even considering their music! Twisted Nixon play some great, three-chord punk rock with a message. And that message is “we’re the voice of truth.” This I gathered from “Billboard Idiots” which is about a favorite peeve of mine, the dearth of clothing sans logo. That is, why is everyone paying huge amounts of money for clothes and other shit that just advertises the manufacturer. Then they go off on the IRS, moron kids who smoke cigarettes, and Henry Kissinger, a man who probably has done nothing to these lads, but they don’t like him regardless. OK!

The band’s genius, though, is leaked out in “Pillar of Fire” which offers inspired insight into the problem of pornography in America as well as an accurate theory on religion. According to Twisted Nixon, it looks like organized religion is the product of Satan, and the Pilgrims had the right idea in leaving the filth of Europe and establishing their humble paradise here. Even if you don’t need a message, I recommend this album to anyone who likes powerful, fun three-chord punk rock. Watergate Records, 42125 Lyndie Lane, #200, Temecula, CA 92591;

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