Webster Hall’s New York Dance CD

Webster Hall’s New York Dance CD

Volume 1

Webster Hall

“Where’s Webster Hall?” OK, take the number 4-5 or 6 from Grand Central to Union Square, walk about three blocks down Broadway and make a left at Eleventh Street. You can’t miss it. It’s at the end of that huge line of people who seem to show up every night.

Webster Hall, in collaboration with LifeBeat (the music industry fights AIDS) has started its own recording label and figure on burning CD after CD of “70+ minutes of non-stop dance music” from the world’s greatest techno, house and just plain dance DJs. Well, since you’re probably not near New York City and it costs at least $20 to get in, this is as close as you’ll get! However, if you do manage to pick up the CD, it includes a free pass to legendary Webster Hall, so they’re practically giving these away!

The DJs and “bands” include the likes of Kadoc, Victor Calderone, hard Days, Cevin Fisher, Afrowax, Fletch, Vincent de Moor and Joy Foundation. I found that the CD makes for a great background at work and all the babes like to hang out at Dave’s Rave Cubicle when he puts this on! Contact Webster-Hall@usa.net.

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