Agree To Disagree

Agree To Disagree

Issue #4

I liked #3 due to the raw content, but this Vancouver ‘zine has improved over the last ish greatly. The last one had some stuff that was very difficult to read, because they tried to get a little too fancy with reverse-color print and such. This ish has no such problems, has added a two-color cover (black and red), and the continued adventures of Andy and Brian, who seem to be going for some sort of angst record. Andy finds his honeymoon interrupted by the death of his mother, while Brian Disagree reports on his adventures from inside the loony bin. All without, surprisingly, being particularly depressing or maudlin. Plus interviews with Another Joe, Reset, UK Subs, and Anti-Flag. And lefty loony political pieces (just a couple), the usual ‘zine and record reviews, personal columns by a host of writers, and a scene report from France. Only $2 ppd, so buy! P.O. Box 56057, 1st Avenue P.O., Vancouver, B.C., V5L 5E2, Canada

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