#4: The Hemp Issue

My, but this has grown. A few years back, if I remember correctly, we received a stapled stripling of a magazine, with an included cassette. Flash forward to the present, and the cassette is still there, but the magazine is now a perfect-bound color-covered behemoth that measures in at nearly a half-inch thick (180 pages). Heavily illustrated by Mike “Mr. Gail Worley” Diana, TESTicle PRESSure meanders like a heartbroken drunk, discussing music, video, print, hemp and a hell of a lot more in a frenzied, enthusiastic style that leads me to believe it must be some fine hemp involved here. I’m not sure if it was intended for short attention span reading, but if that was the goal, it succeeded magnificently, as I can only read so much of this frenetic gushing at a time. Still, I find it highly enjoyable when taken in two-minute stretches. Lots of interesting facts and raving about hemp, too. TESTicle PRESSure, 176 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016; http://www.testicle.com

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