VideoHound’s Independent Film Guide

VideoHound’s Independent Film Guide

by Monica Sullivan

Visible Ink

A comprehensive guide to “800 imaginative movies made outside the Hollywood System”? Depends on how you define “Hollywood System.” Boasting a selection that sticks firmly to the middle strata — a lot of these films were independently made but were able to secure significant distribution — VideoHound’s Independent Film Guide may be guilty of misclassification, but uses the fact to its advantage in that you have a good chance of actually finding the movies reviewed here in a well-stocked video store. The guide seems to have no problem calling them as it sees them — awarding bones (up to a maximum of four) or an enthusiastic WOOF! when it’s a real dog.

VideoHound’s Independent Film Guide will not turn you into a coffeehouse sage, imparting tasteful nuggets of trivia and parroted wisdom on the most obscure flicks. It will however provide a handy reference for that Saturday night when all the copies of Die Hard 7: Croak Already! have been rented.

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