Busy Girl

Busy Girl

New Years Eve

After a great night of drinking and dancing at Tantra, Moe’s Cantina and Zen on New Years Eve, my girl friend and I taxied back to the valet to get her car. 3:30am and the valet is gone. Her car is gone. We call the phone number on the valet ticket and get an answering service. Two trips to the police station and the car is still missing. It is freezing and my feet hurt. We stop at Pucci’s Pizza to figure out what we are going to do. Five gracious guys offer us lodging at their respective homes. (Thanks, but keep dreaming.) We meet this very nice guy Jaimie who lets me wear his velvet jacket. He takes us back to the police station and waits with us until 8am. My friend gets her car back two days later and the idiot who took it also ate the vegan brownies I had made for my friend Dan. Some people. Lesson for the day: If it does not belong to you, don’t touch it.

Fort Lauderdale Stuff

Ink 19 is proud to sponsor The Rock and Roll Picture Show which rolls into Fort Lauderale’s Squeeze (2 New River Drive) on Friday, February 6, 1998. A benefit for Center One/Ryan White Foundation, Picture Show will spotlight South Florida’s prominent musicians and artists. Works from W (there’s no period after the W,) Kelley Lucas, Michael Joseph, Skot Olsen, Kevin MacIvor and others will be on display while up-and-coming musicians Mark Acetelli, Amy Baxter, The Mute Ants and Shifty perform. Artist and event coordinator Michael Joseph said, “It’s an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents. I’d like to dedicate this event to the memory of Michael Hardwick, former Squeeze resident artist who died of AIDS.” The festivities begin at 8pm and admission is $5. For more information, call (954)522-2666. (Sorry Michael, I’ll be at a wedding that night so I won’t be there. Yes, you can just call me “way too busy girl.”)

I did, however, attend the Ryan White Foundation’s benefit and auction at the DCOTA Design Center. I was fortunate to meet and speak with international fashion designer and Ryan White Foundation Advisory Board Member Todd Oldham. Todd donated one of his beautiful outfits for the auction. He is also very active in helping animals. It is not often that you meet people who are so kind, sincere, dedicated and so totally charming. Todd and his friend Tony are truly special people. Check out Todd’s clothes at his store on South Beach, located at 160 8th Street, Miami Beach, (305) 674-8090

Ink 19 is sponsoring a second show at Squeeze; an all ages event on Friday, February 13th featuring Ska band Mustard Plug. Show starts at 7pm. For more information, call Nightflyer Concerts at (305)532-4035. Don’t miss two great shows at The Theater, 3339 N. Federal Highway,: Consolidated with Nation of Fear on January 30th and The Crystal Method in the main room on February 17th at 7pm. Also at The Theater on February 14th is the Legend of Kama Sutra which features a harem of dancers, art, an exotic fashion show and lots of DJ’s. Doors open at 9pm. Guys, don’t forget, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Buy flowers or be in big trouble. Can’t wait to see two of my favorite bands (and people) at the Matchbox 20 and Cool For August show at Sunrise Musical Theater on February 3, 1998. Tickets are sold out. Hope you got yours.

Miscellaneous Stuff

I just got a letter from my friend Robbie Gennet (in a bright pink envelope.) His new CD is called The Dream and was recorded with the now-defunct Robbie Gennet Band. It boasts 13 songs and is now available. CD’s are $10 each plus $2 shipping. Send all of your money to Robbie Gennet at Niggles’ Music P.O. Box 630322 Miami, FL 33263. The ever-personal Gennet will even autograph an original flyer for those who order. What a guy.

Years ago I worked at a record distributing company with Eric Knight, former singer for the now-defunct local band Vandal. I’d see at work the morning after a show. His neck would be hurting from him swinging his long red hair around. Vandal may be gone, but Eric is almost done with the debut album of Near Life Experiences with the Eric Knight Band. He’s currently recording at Criteria Studios in North Miami. Engineer Keith Rose (Aerosmith, Soul Asylum) has been working on this since August. “We hope to mix soon. We have to finish up some vocals and have more guitar overdubs, piano and string track to lay down,” said Eric. The album should be released in early ’98, so keep your eyes and email open. Rec28@aol.com

U2 Review

I did not have $15. I’m at Pro Player Stadium for the U2 show, and it’s $15 to park. I scrounge around in my wallet and come up with $12.75. I’ve got front row tickets and can’t get into the parking lot. I am not happy. I give the parking attendant my driver’s license as collateral and promise to run to the ATM and get money. She lets me park. I’m supposed to meet my friend at gate A at 8pm. Afraid I will miss him if I go inside to use the ATM, I wait outside. 8:10pm, he still isn’t here. 8:20pm, no sign of him. 8:40pm, Could there be another gate A? I think to myself. I go to borrow someone’s cell phone and lo and behold, at 9pm he shows up. “Traffic,” he grumbles. “And did you know it cost $15 to park?” We walk around aimlessly for a few minutes, get a beer (yes, one beer, we are poor) and proceed to our seats. Just as we get to the floor the lights go down. A police officer holds us back, tells us we have to wait. Bright lights flash on and in the classic Famous Person Walking Through A Crowd scene, the band walks right past us, Bono in his blue satin boxing robe, hood on. We try to make it to our seats, but it is total chaos. My friend is holding on to my arm, pulling me through the crowd to the front row. We never got to sit in our seats. (A big thanks to security who did nothing to move all of the people who snuck up there.) Instead, we stood on the chairs the whole time. However, “Pop Mart” did not disappoint. Bono ran around all hunched over like a chimp. Stage props consisted of a huge lemon-shaped disco ball, a 10-story yellow arch, 50-something feet high electronic screens, and a giant olive speared on a tooth pick. Girls in bras sitting on the shoulders of some happy guys waved the Irish flag while the band played Even Better Than The Real Thing, Pride, New Years Day, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and Sunday Bloody Sunday, sung by The Edge.

Movie and Concert Reviews

I caught a few movies recently. I loved Good Will Hunting (all except the part where he took his date to the Greyhound track. Bad Will.) Good Will Hunting was filmed in Boston, my hometown. Sheryl, my friend from 4th grade and I had fun pointing out Boston landmarks and laughing at the all-too familiar Bostonian accents. The Postman was a little epic for me, but not bad, and I loved Jackie Brown. Starship Troupers was probably the dumbest movie I have ever seen. It’s been weeks since my friend and I went to the movie and he is still talking about how stupid this movie was. (Let it go.) Mad City with John Travlota and Dustin Hoffman was good, but pretty depressing. I saw a few Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival flicks; The Emperor’s Shadow was beautifully filmed but there was a bit too much head -chopping for me (so many were beheaded the slave had to bring in fresh blades,) while Just Write with Sherilyn Fenn was just adorable.

I froze my tush off at the Fort Lauderdale Blues Festival, and I never saw Coral Sky people flocked to see the band, and the 2 [Omega] hour show began with The Chain. Second Hand News, Go Your Own Way, and Don’t Stop sounded great, and when Stevie Nicks sang Gold Dust Woman, a gold shawl draped around her shoulders, she twirled around in her trademark Stevie way, ribbons flying from her tambourine. (I think playing the tambourine gives her something to do.) Lindsay Buckingham is an amazing guitar player and Mick Fleetwood impressed all with his electronic drum padded vest. I want one.

South Beach Stuff

Some guys in Miami are doing something pretty cool. The Womb is a nonprofit multimedia production house, including a micro power radio station (107.1 FM) featuring electronic music, drum and base, acid jazz, and house techno 24 hours 7 days a week. Mark Christopher, 29, Director of Operations told me about the Friday parties at KGB on South Beach raves are often held at Salvation. “If you get up before noon, there is a lot going on,” said Mark. The station has 50 DJ’s who each have 2-hour spots to promote their mixing art. The DJ’s have their regular nights and spin mostly electronic music. None of them get paid but they get press and get known. “We give them free reign, as long as they don’t swear and keep it clean and positive,” said Mark. If you are interested in getting a slot, good luck – right now they have stacks of tapes to listen to, but give it a shot. Call (305)531-WOMB. Program Director Duncan Ross said they will be selling records from their web site soon. Check it out at www.thewomb.com

Sugar Ray plays the Cameo Theater on February 24th. Tickets are on sale now. I’d like to give a very special thank you to Zen (1203 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, (305)673-2817) and Ocean Drive Magazine for hosting a party in honor of People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), my very favorite charity, for the magazine’s season kick-off party. The evening started with a wonderful dinner at Mezzanotte, to celebrate Zen owner Jaye’s birthday. Guests in attendance included Ocean Drive Magazine’s Jacquelynn D. Powers and Salome Edgworth. Over at the club, models from Elite, Next, karin, MMG, Select Irene Marie, Men’s Board, Page Parkes Stellar, and Click Models all played Twister, because, “they would rather play Twister than wear fur!” A special thanks to Tony, Jaye and Larry for the royal treatment in the VIP room. And thanks to The Artist who showed up too. PETA works to stop the exploitation of all animals. http://www.peta-online.org/index.html

And speaking of exploiting animals, I hope everyone who reads this will not go to the circus this year. Animals used in the circus are physically and mentally abused. They are beaten with bull whips and electric prods, chained for days, bears have their front paws burned to force them to stand on their back paws, and all animals are denied proper food, water and vet care. The circus is truly the cruelest show on Earth.

A benefit for PETA is now being organized. (Date and location TBD.) Any bands interested in donating a night of entertainment, please call me at the number below. I can’t pay you, but I will make you brownies or cupcakes!

• •

Please fax all invites, club and band information to Jennifer at (954)435-1596. And fax early, I’m a busy girl.

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