Big Sky

Big Sky

with Gumwrapper Curb and Wellville

House of Blues, Orlando • 12.30.97

The House of Blues sponsors a monthly show featuring local bands, aptly named Regional Music Showcase. The December show brought together some top-notch Florida bands from Orlando and parts north.

Big Sky is the sort of band that is impossible to pigeonhole. Their sound contains obvious influences, such as blues, jazz, folk, and country, but the unique blend defies labeling. The band consists of from seven to nine members, depending on who is on-stage for each particular number. All the musicians are masters of their craft, and the total of their sound truly fills the room. They can switch from country to ska at the drop of a hat, and the change comes off as an enjoyable part of the energetic show. The band has built a considerable following and the crowd at HOB made no secret of its admiration of this terrific band.

Gumwrapper Curb turned in a particularly rousing set. This band has matured nicely over the past couple of years. They are certainly ready to go national.

Wellville opened the show with a well-planned set, but their newly added guitar player was plagued with a never-ending series of technical difficulties. Despite the on-stage gremlins, the band sounded great, proving that they are totally talented.

House of Blues is to be congratulated for providing this venue for local bands. Minimal ticket prices and a comfortable setting made this show an enjoyable night out.

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